Seeds of Innovation implore to enable our clients to decrease costs of launching and managing their applications and better still increase profits and efficiency. To this day we have worked with various companies from medical groups, retail chains, the public sector, service providers to small business owners in attempt to solve their ongoing software or programming problems.

Making sure that everything is running smoothly in the technical sense is our forte so that you, yourself can focus on other aspects of your business. If you are first time developer or someone searching to upgrade your app technology assets we are here in order to get the best possible results. Assessing your situation we will soon be able to determine the best possible strategy to either solve or upgrade your existing position. Our range of services is vast and will be able to offer your company portfolio management services, upkeep, maintenance, tracking maintenance, coaching, fresh ideas and strategies and the execution of your product.

We absolutely love a challenge and pride ourselves on taking on all and any tasks, especially the ones that others have given up on. We still have not worked on a case that has not been a success or, better still created a turnaround for what others would call a ‘sinking ship’.

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