Local Landscaping Pages on Facebook

Just about any kind of business, including landscaping services, benefits from Facebook marketing. That’s especially true for small and centralised companies that work in a certain area. It’s a convenient way to share information on many topics.

Communication Open 24/7

It’s time for a reality check. Very few small businesses are open 24/7, especially when their specialty is usually done during daylight hours. The public, however, operates on an entirely different schedule. The time for scheduling landscaping appointments can be morning, noon, or after the sun goes down! High winds take down tress at any time, sending homeowners to the computer as they search for a nearby business to restore their yard as soon as possible. FB operates around the clock, providing a convenient way for potential clients to leave a message. As an extra benefit, they can take a few minutes to look over your page.  Only Digital are experts in marketing your business online in all areas and all channels.

Interact with Your Public

Customer-friendly FB pages encourage traffic. A short “how-to” on plant care may inspire visitors to share it with friend, family, or everyone! Build customer loyalty by answering questions as soon as possible. Add some pictures of yourself, the crew, and the equipment used during an ordinary or specialty landscaping job. Respond to inquiries and concerns quickly. If it’s a common question, enter a polite reply for all to see. You may not see the question as often if the answer’s available to all. Follow up with the person asking the question. Thank them for the inquiry, explain you typed a reply, and go over what you said. It’s surprising how much customer loyalty is built with personal attention.

Verify Business Details

Review the contact information within the FB page regularly. A vital part of marketing Brisbane is providing a correct physic al and website address, accurate directions and the right phone numbers for the business. Add links to your blog posts that provide useful information about landscaping or public awareness messages.

Notify Readers of Special Bargains and Local Events

Are you sponsoring a special event? Let them know the date, time and location so they can take part. If the company is offering a special on services and/or products, spread the news by sharing it on the FB page. Don’t load up the page with details. Simply provide a website link where they can find additional details.

The Popularity of Social Media

Just like your website, FB posts and content should be family friendly to readers of all ages. Review posts and comments to be certain they reflect the image you want associated with your company. Millions of people may visit your page during the year. Give them something positive to think about. They’ll return often and refer the page to friends.